Project Based Solutions

Comp Consults specializes in providing enterprise development solutions from requirements gathering and analysis to design, implementation and testing. The Comp Consults systems development methodology ensures quality and minimizes risk in every stage of the project life cycle.

Our innovative technology solutions are guided by our expertise in business change management to assure that our customers are prepared for a new technical solution. Our consultants are highly qualified process engineers specializing in complex infrastructure project management with an emphasis on process design before tool selection and implementation.

Comp Consults uses industry established Software Development Processes. At the core of all Comp Consults development projects is the project manager who oversees and guides the project from inception to completion. Our projects begin with analysis of the existing system and a prototype design based on extensive client interviews. System analysis leads to analysis of existing data, building the new database and data migration.

Once the data is transferred, programming can begin. We take any new system through extensive testing before implementation. New systems are delivered with thorough technical documentation and expert training.

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Project Based Solutions
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